Beside Baseball, I really, really love Fastpitch Softball

Understand me, I really love softball, exactly fastpitch softball. Every winter, all I look forward to is spring – I love the daily rhythm of softball, the way it ebbs and flows and becomes a part of my everyday life in the summer. Once it becomes fall, I get excited because the playoffs are coming – I know that the M’s are not going to be involved, and that pretty much frees me up to be a fan of softball rather than rooting for one specific team. I usually find a playoff team to root for, but I just love the whole thing.

The 2019 softball season is coming so close. So I’m rushing to look best fastpitch softball bats for new season. My children will be excited if I notify that I’m doing this for them. It would be great if every new season we had new bat to play, and the children know that.

Beside, I’m not also forgot to find myself a men’s fastpitch softball bat. This reminds me is the new year is coming and I need to raise my softball game to a higher level.

But, that said, here’s my dirty little secret. Games like this Toronto series, a September series between two teams that have nothing to play for? I don’t even notice ‘em. I mean, I watched about five innings of last night’s game, and I’ll be damned if I can tell you specifics about what happened. Lessee, from the PI game recap, it looks like…wow. I can’t even get anything interesting out of the recap. That’s crazy.

Honestly, I didn’t even work the “hey let’s see what the kids can do” angle last night – I just flat-out didn’t care. Does this make me a bad fan? I don’t think so. There was a time in my life when I would have been all upset because nobody cared about a game in mid-September with nothing on the line, but now that I’m older and have more going on in my life I just don’t have the energy to care 162 times a year.

I’m sure that, in a few days, I’ll start to care again, and start to watch with interest for the last couple weeks of the season, but for now, meh. With the Royals coming to town later in the week, though, it doesn’t look like picking up, energy-wise, for a week or so. Sigh.

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